1.Changing MailAddress(Only for students who wish)

JAIST members have a JAIST e-mail address "".
Students (email address is "s+student") can change the part before "".
Students who wish to change their e-mail address should read the following page.

*Your user name (e.g.:s9999999) will not change when you change your e-mail address.
*The digital certificate issued before that will not be available after changing the e-mail address.


Changing E-Mail Address

Q. Should I change my email address?
A. It is up to you. It seems that about 30% of students have changed their e-mail addresses.

Q. Can I change it later?
A. Yes, you can. However, if a digital certificate has already been issued, it must be reissued after the change. Also, don't forget to tell your new email address to anyone you gave your old email address.