2. To send attached files

(1) Do not attach files as possible
Save the file in the online storage service “J-Storage” (can be used either inside or outside JAIST,
password setting required) or shared folder of internal file server (Administration Bureau only) and inform the URL address or folder location to the receiver.

<what is “J-storage” ?>

(2) Set a password especially sending a highly confidential file
Set a password for a Microsoft Office file (e.g. Word, Excel) or a PDF file to open it.
If you are sending a data or a file which cannot set a password,
please use compression / extraction software (e.g. 7-zip) and set a password to decompress it.
Refer to the URL below for how to set the password for Microsoft Office files, PDF files and 7-zip, etc.

(3) Send a password separately. Do not send the password in the same e-mail sending attached files
Sending a password with a file at the same time means you have not set the password.
In case you are sending e-mails frequently with the same receiver, it would be better to set the annual password beforehand to save the trouble of sending a password each time.