About Adobe Software License Lump-Sum Purchase

As a result of the "Intention Survey on Adobe Software Usage after April 2022" conducted recently, we have decided to purchase Adobe software licenses in a lump sum.
The following is a rough outline of the process.

  • Those who wish to purchase Adobe software licenses should enter the number of licenses and other necessary information on the application site described below.
  • With the results of the application, we will request a price estimate from the vendor.
  • The amount will be fixed. The amount will be executed from the budget account set on the application site (budget execution will be done by the Accounting Division, so there is no need to enter the budget).
  • When the license is delivered, a notification will be sent to the administrator entered in the application site.

Types of licenses that can be purchased

The following licenses are available for purchase with this bundle

  • Creative Cloud Shared Device Licenses for Educational Institutions Complete Plan
  • Creative Cloud Named Users license for Educational Institutions Complete Plan
  • Creative Cloud Named Users license for Educational Institutions Single Plan

For details about each license, please refer to the "Creative Cloud 高等教育機関向けご購入プラン" section of the following URL

#Student License Pack is not available for this bulk purchase because the number of requests could not meet the purchase requirements.

[Translate to English:] Q&A

Q: Why from March 2022?
A: This is to allow for a transition period from the ETLA contract that is ending.

Q:Is it possible to apply in the middle of the contract?
A:Yes, you can. A: Yes, you can. You will pay the monthly price from the start month to the end month (end of the fiscal year). However, the license price will be determined according to the number of licenses at the beginning of the contract.

Q:Which budget items can be used?
A:Please consult with the Accounting Division.

Q:I want to cancel the contract before it expires.
A:No, you cannot. We recommend that you use the system systematically.