Q&A about the antivirus software

Q. Do I have to use ESET??

A. No, it is optional.
However, using anti-virus software is required to connect to the campus LAN , so please make sure some antivirus software is installed and running. Also, please use highly reliable products that are certified by the following third party organizations.

- AV-TEST certification

- AV-Comparatives Standard / Advanced / Advanced + Certification

Q. Is Windows Defender / Security Essentials a good alternative to Symantec?

A. Please install Windows Defender for Windows 8 or later and Security Essentials for Windows 7.
Windows 7 's Windows Defender has no spyware countermeasures and has no antivirus function.
Download Security Essentials with antivirus function.
For Windows 8 and later, Windows Defender has anti-virus function.


Q. When do I have to switch to?

A.  By March 19, 2019.



Q. What happens if I do not migrate?

A. Virus definition files and such will no longer be updated, so there is a high possibility that new viruses can not be detected.


Q. How can I continue to use Symantec's anti-virus software?

A. To continue to use the current product, please uninstall it first, purchase the equivalent product by yourself and use it.

Norton Anti-Virus

Antivirus Basic 1 year version (Windows only) 2,138 yen (tax included)

Standard 1 year version (Windows / Mac / Android / iOS) 3,488 yen (tax included)





– AV-TEST 認定

– AV-Comparatives Standard/Advanced/Advanced+ 認定