The software downloaded from Software Distribution Service requires network connection for licensing.
Please install these software while being online through JAIST network.

2. (For Mac OS Sierra + )
Place the [app file] and [zip file] in a folder on the desktop and click the app file to start the installation. Please note that the installation program can operate properly only on desktop.

1. Log-in

Input your JAIST ID and Password.


 JAIST Software Download System

2. Select Software

Select software category.

The Japanese prompt "大学管理PC - マイクロソフト製品のインストール" means Microsoft products. Please click to go to the next step.

The available software list is shown. Click the "o" mark to download.

3.Windows OS

Confirm the enrollment.

"同意します" means "I'm agree".

3-1. Download

You can download the ISO image file of Windows OS.

*Notice that, windows installed from the image requires JAIST network reqularly for license activation.

4. Office software

Confirm the enrollment.

"同意します" means "I'm agree".

4-1. Download

The download link and one-time password will be displayed.

4-2. Setup

Download the set up file and install it.

4-3. Activation

License activation will be required. Please input your ID and one-time password from the previous step.

4-4 Install

Please execute the installer and install the software as instructed by the installation program.

4-5. Completed

When the setup is completed you can start using the software.