User settings provides you:

  • Changing your JAIST user account's password.

User setting web site require "Digital Certificate" installed browser. If you don't have digital certificate, please download it and install to your browser in advance.


Digital Certificate


User Settings (Digital Certificate required)


※ If the window to choose Digital Certificate is indicated repeatedly or the browser becomes Non-Response when you access this page by Firefox, please change the setting of Firefox. How to do it is as follows:
Open Firefox and type "Alt" key, and then click "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Certificates" ->
Check "Select one automatically"

※ When you cannot browse "User Setting" page by IE 11 of Windows 8.1 in JAIST Cloud Desktop, please use "InPrivate Browsing" mode. How to use it is as follows: Open Internet Explorer and type "Alt" key, and then click "Tools" -> "InPrivate Browsing", or, type "Ctrl + Shift + P". We know the problem, however, the solustion has not found yet. Please follow the above steps.

※ Due to changes in the mailing list system, editing mailing lists, etc. cannot be performed on this page(User Settings). Click here for information on the new mailing list system.