Sur name: Bouchard Given name: Carole


carole.bouchard[a_t] project lab


Position: Assistant Professor Organization: LCPI (Product Design & Innovation Lab), ENSAM Arts et Metiers ParisTech Address: 151 Bd de l’Hopital, 75013 Paris Country: France


Engineering Design

Research Interests

Design and trends watch methods.
KANSEI Engineering.
Applied creativity and innovation.

Selected Publications

Mougenot C., Bouchard C., Aoussat A. (2007) A Study of Designers' Cognitive Activity in Design Informational Phase, ICED’07 International Conference on Engineering Design, August 2007, Paris

Bouchard C., Mantelet F., Aoussat A. (2005) Semantic structure as input data for Kansei Engineering Systems, IASDR International Design Congress, November 2005, Yuntech, Taiwan

Bouchard C., Mantelet F., Aoussat A. (2005) Trends integration in Kansei Engineering, 6th International Conference on Computer-Aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design, Delft University, May 2005, 6p

Bouchard C., Lim D., Aoussat A. (2003) Development of a Kansei Engineering System for Industrial design - Identification of input data for KES, Journal of the Asian Design Conference, Asian Society for the Science of Design (ASSD), Tsukuba, Japan, October 2003, ISSN 1348-7817, 12 p.