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Sur name: BOUJUT Given name: Jean-Francois

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Position: Prof Organization: Grenoble University Address: INPG - G-SCOP, 46 ave Felix Viallet, 38031 Grenoble cedex 1 Country: France


Collaborative engineering, information support for innovative design

Research Interests

Information structuring and modeling for supporting innovative processes

Selected Publications (max.4)

* Pialot O., Legardeur J., Boujut J.F. (2007), “Towards a multi-input model and method in early design phases of the innovation process”, International conference on engineering design ICED07, Paris, aout 2007
* * Pialot O., Legardeur J., Boujut J.F. (2006), “Proposition of a new model for early phases of innovation process”, International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, mai 2006 Boujut J-F., Legardeur J., Tiger H. (2003) “ID2: A New Tool to Foster Innovation During the Early Phases of Design Projects”, CERA journal, Vol. 11, N°3.