Sur name: Dsouza
Given name: Newton

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Position: Assistant Professor
Organization: University of Missouri-Columbia Address: 133 Stanley Hall, Columbia, NO 65211
Country: United States



Research Interests

Design Skills and Multiple Intelligences Creativity Research Learning Environments Environment and Behavior Studies Virtual Reality and Design Education

Selected Publications

* Dsouza, N.: 2007, Design Intelligences: A Case for Multiple Intelligence in Architectural
Design. International Journal of Architectural Research, volume 1, Issue 2, Archnet-IJAR,
July 2007, MIT Press, pp: 15-34
* D'souza, N.: 2007, Describing Differences between Manual and Digital Modeling, Design
Communication Association, DCA 2007: "Flow, Filter, Feeling, Focus," Ball State University,
Muncie, Indiana, September 12-16, 2007
* Dsouza, N.: 2008, Design Patterns and Knowledge Dissemination in Environmental
Design Research: A Cross- Disciplinary Model, Design Principles and Practices: An
International Journal, Volume 2, Issue1, Burrows, Loy and Cope (Eds), Common Ground
Publishing, University press Journals, Australia, pp.75-86.
* Dsouza, N.: 2005, Architect as a Yogi: Meditative Practices and Architectural Imagery,
Architecture + Design, Journal of Indian Architecture, April, 2005