Sur name: Thompson Given name: Graham

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Position: Professor Organization: Manchester Address: University of Manchester Pariser Building Sackville Street Campus Manchester M60 1QD

Country UK


Engineering Design

Research Interests

Concept Design Reliability and maiontainability Creativity: cognitive style Design methods

Selected Publications (max.4)

  1. Lopez-Mesa, B. and Thompson, G. On the significance of cognitive style and the
    selection of appropriate design methods. Jnl of Engineering Design Vol. 17, No. 4. 371-386 (2006)
  2. Thompson, G. The reduction of plant maintenance costs using creative problem
    solving principles. Proc Instn.Mec.Engrs., Pt E. Jnl: Process Mech Engineering. E3, Vol 215
    185-195 (2001)
  3. Thompson, G. and Lordan, M. A review of creativity principles applied to engineering design. Proc
    Instn.Mec.Engrs., Jnl: Process Mech Engineering, E1, Vol 213, 17-31 (1999)
  4. Alonso-Rasgado, T., Thompson, G. and Elfstrom, B-O. The design of functional (total
    care) products. Journal of Engineering Design 515- 540 Vol 15, No 6 (2004)