Name: Hewett, Thomas
Contact (hewett[a_t]
Position: Professor of Psychology and of Computer Science
Organization: Drexel University Address: Department of Psychology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
Country USA
Major/Field: Psychology Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Engineering, Evaluation Computing systems.

Selected Publications (max.4)

* Hewett, T. T. (2005). Informing the design of computer-based environments to support creativity.
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 63, 383-409.
* Shneiderman, B., Fischer, G., Czerwinski, M. Resnick, M., Myers, B., Candy, L., Edmonds, E.,
Eisenberg, M., Giaccardi, E., Hewett, T., Jennings, P., Kules, W., Nakakoji, K., Nunamaker, J.,
Pausch, R., Selker, T., Sylvan, E., Terry, M. (2006). Creativity support tools: Report from a U. S.
National Science Foundation Sponsored Workshop. International Journal of Human Computer
Interaction, 20(2), 61-77.
* Darzentas, J., Hewett, T. T., Spyrou, T. & Darzentas, J. (2001). Bringing human computer
interaction into a department of product and systems design. In M. Hirose, (Ed.).
Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT '01 (pp. 488-495). Amsterdam: IOS Press (also at conf_pub/2001_Interact_syr/Syros_CRC.pdf)
* Hewett, T. T. & Adelson, B. (1998). Psychological science and analogical reminding in the design
of artifacts. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 30, 314-319.