Sur name: Hou Given name: Yuemin

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Position: lecturer and researcher Organization: Beijing Information Science & Technology University, (also work with Tsinghua University) Address: Room 3408, Building 9003, The Institute of Design Engineering, Dept of Precision Instrument and Mechanology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084 Country: P.R. China


Design, Optimization and Dynamics

Research Interests

Bio-inspired Design theory and algorithm, design creativity: synergetics approach and heuristics approach, neural thinking model for design, and dynamics.

Selected Publications (max.4)

* Hou Yue Min, JI Lin Hong, Jin De Wen, the Nature and Core of design in Terms of Science Classification. Science, Technology and Dialectics, Vol. 24, n3, 2007. 23-28,110.
* Hou Yue Min, JI Lin Hong, Jin De Wen, Induction Rules of Embryo of Mechanical Product, Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agriculture Machinary. Vol. 37, n9, 2006. 133-136
* Hou Yuemin, Ji Linhong, Representation And Neural Network Induction Model With Growth Form Design and Manufacturing, Sydney, Australia, 2006, Vol.1, 153-158
* Hou Yuemin, JI Linhong, Duality-based Transformation of Representation from Behaviour to Structure, International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, 14–16 January 2008, Sanya, China, (Springer, London, in press)