Celine Mougenot


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Position: Research Associate (Post-doctoral Fellow) Organization: The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


Engineering Design

Research Interests

Design cognition. Creativity. Inspirational stimulation.

Selected Publications

Mougenot C., Bouchard C., Aoussat A., Westerman S.J. (2008) Inspiration, Images and Design: An Investigation of Designers' Information Gathering Strategies. Journal of Design Research, 7(4):331-351

Bouchard C., Omhover J.F., Mougenot C., Aoussat A., Westerman S.J. (2008) TRENDS: A Content-based Information Retrieval System for Designers. Design Computing and Cognition '08. pp 593-611. Ed.: J.S. Gero and A. Goel. Springer. ISBN-10: 1402087276. ISBN-13: 978-1402087271

Mougenot C., Watanabe K., Bouchard C., Aoussat A. (2009) Visual materials and designers' cognitive activity: Towards in-depth investigations of design cognition. Proceedings of IASDR'09, Conference of the International Association of Societies of Design Research. Ed: Korean Society of Design Science. ISBN 978-89-963194-0-5.