Surname: Murty Given name: Paul

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Position: Associate Lecturer P/T Organization: Key Centre of Design Computing & Cognition Address: Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, University of Sydney NSW 2006 Country: Australia


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* Murty, P. & Purcell, T. (2007) Latent Preparation - Do great ideas come from out-of-the-blue? In CAADRIA2007, proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia. Southeast University & Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

* Murty, P. & Purcell, T. (2006) The Latent Practitioner: Latent discovery processes in designing. In S. Shannon, V. Soebarto and T. Williamson (eds), Proceedings of 40th Conference of the ANZAScA, Adelaide. University of Adelaide, Australia.

* Murty, P. & Purcell, T. (2006) Levels and Experiences of Insightful Design. In Y.S. Kim (ed) International Design Research '06: Proceedings of International Design Research Symposium, Seoul. Credits Research Centre, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.

* Murty, P and Purcell, T. (2004) Discoveries throughout conceptual design. In Lee, H.S. and Choi, J.W. (eds) proceedings of Ninth Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, CAADRIA2004, Yonsei University Press, Seoul, Korea, April 2004