Surname: Eades Given name: Peter

Contact (E-mail address, Web site): peter.eades[a_t]


Position: Research Director Organization: HxI Initiative Address: Locked bag 9013, Alexandria NSW 1435 Australia Country: Australia

Major/Field: Computer Science

Research Interests:

Visualization, computer supported cooperative work

Selected Publications (max.4)

W. Huang, S-H. Hong, and P. Eades, Effects of sociogram drawing conventions and edge crossings in social network visualization, JGAA, to appear, 2007.

H.A.D. do Nascimento and P. Eades, User Hints for Map Labeling, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, to appear, 2007.

Peter Eades, Qingwen Feng, Xuemin Lin, Hiroshi Nagamochi: Straight-Line Drawing Algorithms for Hierarchical Graphs and Clustered Graphs. Algorithmica 44(1): 1-32 (2006).

Seok-Hee Hong, Brendan McKay and Peter Eades, A Linear Time Algorithm for Constructing Maximally Symmetric Straight Line Drawings of Triconnected Planar Graphs, Discrete and Computational Geometry 36 (2) 2006, 283-311.