Research Field

¡¡The ongoing research focuses on the Process of Creative Thinking in Design, Design Semantics, Theory of Design Expression, and Visual Communication Design.

Laboratory's Introduction

¡¡The research purpose of Nagai Design Research Laboratory concentrates on the creative process in design and various kinds of fields. The study of personal creativity in society, the method of design in circulative society, the work of art's creative process, the creative engineering, the polysemy of architecture, the creativity in literature, the creative education, the scientific and mathematical education ¡Äthe subject of everyone's study is manifold.
However, in every case to catch really in the process of creativity is a common stance. The discussions done repeatedly respond to the necessity of engrossment, because the field of methodology in the creativity research has not established yet. While the opinion disputes gradually, each member aims at the advanced result and goes forward in his/her field.

Laboratory's policy

¡¡The creativity in design and art is an extremely difficult subject of study, even in the perspective of knowledge creation, because it is including the problem of the personal expression. However, we are not only with deep understanding in personal expression and creativity, but also aim at knowledge creation and inhabitable society. Although it is difficult and time-taking, we believe that the steady results will be raised for tackling this problem.