Is Non-Alcohol Beer a Beer?

-- We asked the Hokuriku Kirin Brewery --
   -- キリンビール北陸工場に質問 --

Summer is when beer tastes really good, but it is also a tough time for auto drivers who have to wait until they get home to quench their thirst. The term "non-alcohol beer" is heard quite often, but is beer with no alcohol content be considered as a beer?
So we asked an attendant at the Hokuriku Kirin Brewery this question, and she wrote a reply back in a letter. Here is an excerpt:
(Non-Alcohol Beer)=a Cold, Beer-Flavoured Beverage
This beer was developed to reduce the increasing number of alcohol poisoning, young people drinking alcohol and driving under the infuence of alcohol. Today, there is a demand for non-alcoholic beverages which captures the smell, the taste and the feeling of an alcohol drink.
There are two ways in which non-alcohol beers are made. One is to restrict the time under fermentation and the other is to take the alcohol out from a regular beer. Based on similar ideas, developments are underway for wines and sakes with alcohol taken out from them.
Kirin's non-alcohol beer is named "Backler", and it has 0.5% alcohol content and is low-calorie. People can try this beverage at the Spring Field Restaurant which is located within the Hokuriku Kirin Brewery.
We checked for non-alcohol beer at the local supermarket and found imported ones from Germany (alcohol content 0.0%) and the Netherlands (0.1%). The prices were 75 to 150 yen per can/bottle. The alcohol content of a regular beer is 5.5%, and in an non-alcohol beer there contain barley, hop and yeast, so there aren't too much differences between the two.
Finally, we wonder in countries which restrict alcohol consumption due to religious practices, is an non-alcohol beer considered a beer or just another a cold beverage?




Lets Visit the Hokuriku Kirin Brewery and Try Some Beer!
-- キリンビール北陸工場を見学して、ビールを試飲しよう! --

This brewery has tours for individuals and groups. A course has been laid out at the upper portion of the brewery, and visitors can see how beer is brewed, inspected and packaged. Afterwards, there is some time for tasting the products, and juices are available for children and auto drivers. Outside of the brewery, there is a large lawned area where many families can be found on Sundays. In one corner of the brewery grounds is a restaurant where families can enjoy a meal. An ideal outing on a hot summer day.

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