5/3 Ohata Matsuri 大幡祭
Motoe Ohata Shrine, Mii-machi, Wajima 輪島市本江大幡神社

In this lively festival, 9 villages reenact a legend in which the farmers lure a monkey-demon into the village of Motoe and scared it off with farm tools.

5/3-5 Kutani Chawan Festival 九谷茶碗まつり
Terai Town Hall and Sano Kutani Museum 寺井役場、九谷資料館

Many events relating to Kutani-yaki. About 80 stands will be set up at the two sites by local Kutani ceramists who will sell their goods at reduced prices.

5/3-5 Seihakusai 青柏祭
Nanao-shi 七尾市街中心部

This festival features 3 large floats pulled through the town accompanied by drums, flutes, dancing, etc. Not to be missed!

5/3-4 World Kite Festival 世界の凧の祭典
chinada Beach 内灘海水浴場

Come and see kites from around the world and some impressive kite-flying competitions.

5/4 Amacha Matsuri 甘茶まつり
Ioji Temple, Yamanaka-machi 加賀市山中町医王寺

In this festival, the townspeople give thanks for prosperous hot springs, abundant harvests, and town safety. Also the birth of Gotama Buddha.

5/11 Kisan-Sai 麒山祭
Sosogi, Wajima-shi 輪島市曽々木

Celebrates the virtue of a priest who spent 13 years clearing a 400m stretch of road along the coast.

5/13-16 O-Tabi Matsuri お旅まつり
Komatsu-shi 小松市街地

Komatsu's biggest festival of the year. Features floats, children's dancing, kabuki, and much more.

5/16 The 5th Hakusan Survival Marathon
Shiramine to Tsurugi 白峰→鶴来

Male-female teams participate; men run the first half and women run the second half.

5/22-23 O-Kaeri Matsuri おかえり祭り
Mikawa-machi 美川町

Features 13 floats which accompany the mikoshi carring the deity. The deity arrives at a temporary shrine on the 22nd and then returns on the 23rd.

5/26 Rice Planting Ceremony お田植神事
Wakamiya-Hachiman Shrine, Matto-shi 松任市若宮八幡神社

An unusual ceremony in which women plant rice accompanied by ceremonial court music. The festival is held to pray for abundant harvests.

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