About us


Welcome to Murata Laboratory

Murata lab. was founded in August 2002. We are interested in organic electronic devices and molecular devices, which are in an interdisciplinary research field where organic chemistry and physics integrate. We focus on developing novel organic device with high performance and good stability. Current research projects are as follows:

  1. Investigation of degradation mechanism of organic light emitting diodes
  2. Effect of molecular orientation on organic devices
  3. Efficient organic solar cells by morphological controls
  4. Novel organic memory devices

For my education policy, I would like to support my students for making them think themselves, act independently and strive for self-improvement through research. In my group, there are many chances to collaborate with foreign researchers and to present your work at international conferences in overseas countries. Through these experiences, you will gain important knowledges and skills to be an independent researcher.

In my lab., technological backgrounds of the students are quite broad such that they have studied chemistry, physics, electronic engineering, material science at their undergraduate course but now they are investigating organic electronic devices.

New discoveries and inventions can be found when people from interdisciplinary fields meet. I hope you will absorb something new from colleagues with different technical skills and acquire new ideas through the interaction.