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Ken-ichi Chinen Research Associate Professor
School of Information Science¡¢Security and Networks Area


Ph.D. (1998)

¢£Professional Career

Associate Professor at Graduate School of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology(1998)


wide-area information distribution

¢£Research Keywords

server progamming, server clustering, prefetching, caching, load balancing, load prediction


¡þPublished Papers

  • Integrated Framework for Hands-on Cybersecurity Training: CyTrONE¡¤Razvan Beuran, Dat Tang, Cuong Pham, Ken-ichi Chinen, Yasuo Tan, Yoichi Shinoda¡¤Elsevier Computers & Security¡¤78C¡¤43,17¡¤Jun-18
  • Cybersecurity Education and Training Support System: CyRIS¡¤Razvan Beuran, Cuong Pham, Dat Tang, Ken-ichi Chinen, Yasuo Tan, Yoichi Shinoda¡¤IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems¡¤E101-D¡¤3¡¤740,10¡¤Mar-18
  • Interactive Cybersecurity Defense Training Inspired by Web-based Learning Theory¡¤D. Tang, C. Pham, K. Chinen, R. Beuran¡¤IEEE 9th International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEED 2017)¡¤103,6¡¤2017/11/9

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¢£Extramural Activities

¡þAcademic Society Affiliations

  • IEICE¡¤2002-
  • JSSST¡¤2002-
  • USENIX¡¤2002-

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