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Keisuke Ohdaira Associate Professor
School of Materials Science、Energy and Environment Area


B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo.(1998, 2000, 2004)


Solar cell, Semiconductor

■Research Keywords

Solar cells, Poly-Si, Catalytic chemical vapor deposition

■Research Interests

Formation of high-quality poly-Si films by flash lamp annealing and their application to high-efficiency solar cells
We investigate on formation of high-quality poly-Si on glass substrates by flash lamp annealing, with millisecond duration, of Cat-CVD a-Si films and fabrication of solar cells using the poly-Si films.

Application of Cat-CVD to the fabrication process of c-Si solar cells
Cat-CVD (catalytic chemical vapor deposition), in which gas molecules are decomposed on heated catalyzing wire by catarytic reaction, can deposit high-quality passivation films to reduce the recombination of photo-generated carriers on crystalline Si surface. We develop high-quality Cat-CVD passivation films for crystalline Si solar cells. We also investigate a novel doping method using a Cat-CVD system.
Potential-induced degradation for n-type crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
The performance degradation of photovoltaic modules originating from a large voltage between an Al frame and cells (potential-induced degradation: PID) has been a significant problem in large-scale PV power plants. We investigate the mechanism of PID and its suppression particularly for n-type c-Si PV modules, which have higher performances than p-type ones and are thus expected to be widely utilized in the future.



  • Subsecond Annealing of Advanced Materials, Chapter 10, Formation of High-Quality オm-Order-Thick Poly-Si Films on Glass-Substrates by Flash Lamp Annealing,Keisuke Ohdaira,Springer,2014,pp. 173-188
  • Crystal Growth of Si for Solar Cells, Chapter 11, "Thin Film Poly-Si Formed by Flash Lamp Annealing",Keisuke Ohdaira,Springer,2009,pp. 177-191
  • Chemical Science of π-Electron Systems, Chapter 34, Efficient Organic Devices Based on π-Electron Systems: Comparative Study of Fullerene Derivatives Blended with a High Efficiency Naphthobisthiadiazole-Based Polymer for Organic Photovoltaic Applications,Varun Vohra, Koichi Higashimine, Keisuke Ohdaira, Shogo Tsuzaki, Hideyuki Murata,Springer,2015,pp.575-588

◇Published Papers

  • Effect of evacuating a chamber on the degradation rate of solar cells in a cell-level potential-induced degradation test,S. Yamaguch and K. Ohdaira,Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. (in press)
  • Photoresist removal using H radicals generated by iridium hot wire catalyst,M. Yamamoto, S. Nagaoka, H. Umemoto, K. Ohdaira, T. Nishiyama, and H. Horibe,Int. J. Polym. Sci.,2017,2983042-1-5,2017
  • Suppression of the epitaxial growth of Si films in Si heterojunction solar cells by the formation of ultra-thin oxide layers,K. Ohdaira, T. Oikawa, K. Higashimine, and H. Matsumura,Current Appl. Phys.,16,1026-1029,2016

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Vacuum deposition of CsPbI3 layers on textured Si for perovskite/Si tandem solar cells,Keitaro Hamada, Kyosuke Yonezawa, Kohei Yamamoto, Tetsuya Taima, Shuzi Hayase, Noboru Ooyagi, Yuzo Yamamoto, and Keisuke Ohdaira,2018 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2018),東京大学,2018年9月9-13日
  • Crystallization of electron-beam evaporated a-Si films on textured glass substrates by flash lamp annealing,Keisuke Kurata and Keisuke Ohdaira,2018 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2018),東京大学,2018年9月9-13日
  • A simplest Cat-CVD apparatus without direct substrate heating system,H. Matsumura, K. Koyama, K. Ogawa, S. Terashima, T. Konishi, T. Baba, Y. Takeuchi, and K. Ohdaira,10th International Confenrence on Hot Wire (Cat) and Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (HWCVD10),北九州国際会議場,2018年9月3-6日

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Active-Matrix Flatpanel Displays and Devices (AM-FPD),Session leader,2016-
  • 9th International Conference on Hot Wire (Cat) and Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition,International Advisory Committee member and guest editor for the special issue of Thin Solid Fiilms,2016-
  • EM-NANO 2017,Organizing Committee,2016-

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◇Other Activities

  • The 2nd China-Japan-Korea Young Researchers Workshop,Japanese delegate, presentation entitled "Photovoltaic Technology in JAIST, Japan, and East Asia" in the "Prospects for the development of new energy" section.,2012/04/28 -

■Academic Awards Received

  • PVSEC-27 Best Paper Award,PVSEC-27 Technical Program Committee,2017