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Derrick Michael Mott Assistant Professor
School of Materials Science、Materials Chemistry Area


B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology (2003), Ph.D from State University of New York at Binghamton(2008)

■Professional Career

Assistant Professor at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2010 to current).Postdoctoral Researcher at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2009).Graduate Research Assistant at the State University of New York at Binghamton(2004).


Nanotechnology and materials synthesis and characterization.

■Research Keywords

nanoparticle, material, thermoelectric, sensor, diagnostic, synthesis

■Research Interests

Thermelectric materials synthesis.
This research topic focuses on the synthesis and characterization of bismuth, antimony and tellurium based nanoparticles with applications in thermoelectrics. The creation of 1 and 2 dimensional shaped nanoparticles composed of these metals offers an intriguing path towards thermoelectric materials with unprecedented activity.
Nanoparticle sensors/diagnostics for biomolecules.
Nanoparticle based sensing/diagnostics have received much interest because of the potential to achieve lower detection limits and increased sensitivity for a wide range of biologically important molecules such as DNA, proteins or amino acids. My research in this topic currently focuses on the synthesis and characterization of silver and gold nanoparticle probes with controllable structure for use in the detection of biomolecules such as DNA.



  • Functional Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis, Nanomedicine and Bioelectronic Devices,D. Mott, S. Maenosono,ACS Symposium Series 1112, Distributed by Oxford University Press, Inc.,2013,327/358
  • “Anisotropic Nanoparticles for Efficient Thermoelectric Devices”, in Complex-shaped Metal Nanoparticles,N.T. Mai, D. Mott, S. Maenosono,Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH &Co. KGaA Publishers,2012,521-541

◇Published Papers

  • Ag/FeCo/Ag Core/Shell/Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles with Plasmonic Imaging Capability,Takahashi M, Mohan P, Nakade A, Higashimine K, Mott D, Hamada T, Matsumura K, Taguchi T, Maenosono S,Langmuir,31,2228-2236,2015
  • Wet-chemical Preparation of Digold Bismuthide, Gold Diantimonide, and Ditelluride Particles,S. Teruyoshi, D. Mott, S. Maenosono,Journal of Materials Research,28,2106, 7
  • Chemical Synthesis of Blue-emitting Metallic Zinc Nano-hexagons,N.T. Mai, T.T. Trinh, D. Mott, S. Maenosono,CrystEngComm,15,6606. 5

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Using the Mie Solution to Study Ag@Au Nanoparticles with Non-ideal Structure: An Optical Property Correlation Study,D. Mott, J.D. Lee, S. Maenosono,The 7th International Symposium on Advanced Materials in Asia-Pacific and the JAIST International Symposium on Nano Technology 2010,Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan,2010/10/1
  • Synthesis of size controlled silver nanoparticles coated by a thin layer of gold and their use as ultra-sensitive probes for the detection of DNA and other biologically relevant molecules,D. Mott, N.T.B. Thuy, Y. Aoki, S. Maenosono,American Chemical Society 239th National Meeting,SanFrancisco, California, United States of America,2010/3/22
  • Synthesis of Size and Shape Controlled Silver Nanoparticles Coated by a Thin Layer of Gold and Their Use as Ultra-sensitive Bio-molecular Probes,D. Mott, N.T.B. Thuy, Y. Aoki, S. Maenosono,National Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society,SanFrancisco, California, United States of America,2010/04/07

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■Extramural Activities

◇Other Activities

  • The American Chemical Society,Member,2004/05/01 -
  • The Materials Research Society,Member,2005/09/01 -
  • JSPS-US Fellows Alumni Association,Member,2014/08/18 -

■Academic Awards Received

  • The Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Technology Grant for Travel to International Meetings Abroad,The Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Technology,2010
  • Best Poster Award at the International Conference on Nanoscopic Colloid and Surface Science (NCSS).,International Conference on Nanoscopic Colloid and Surface Science (NCSS),2010
  • JAIST Grant for Fundamental Research (Houga),Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,2014

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