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Sungmoon Jeong Assistant Professor
School of Information Science¡¢Intelligent Robotics Area


B.S. from Kyungpook National University(2006), M.S. from Kyungpook National University(2008), Ph.D from Kyungpook National University(2013)

¢£Professional Career

Research Assistant at Kyungpook National University(2005), Research Intern at RIKEN Brain Science Institute(2009)


Human-like Autonomous and Developmental Artificial Agents

¢£Research Keywords

Vision, Emotion, Learning, Interaction and Neuro-robotics


¡þPublished Papers

  • Online Boundary Estimation in Partially Observable Environments Using a UAV¡¤Abdullah Al Redwan Newaz, Sungmoon Jeong, Nak Young Chong¡¤Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems¡¤2017
  • Learning Human Behavior for Emotional Body Expression in Socially Assistive Robotics¡¤Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen, Sungmoon Jeong, Nak Young Chong¡¤Proc. Int'l Conf. on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence, 2017¡¤pp. 45-50¡¤2017/06/28
  • Map-Reduce Gaussian Process (MR-GP) for Multi-UAV based Environment Monitoring with Limited Battery¡¤Kshitij Tiwari, Sungmoon Jeong, Nak Young Chong¡¤Proc. SICE Annual Conference¡¤760-763¡¤2017/09/19

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¢£Extramural Activities

¡þOther Activities

  • International Conference on Neural Information Processing¡¤Program Committee, Reviewer¡¤2016/05/06 - 2016/07/12
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)¡¤Associate Editor¡¤2015/09/23 - 2016/01/15
  • International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction¡¤Organizing Committee, Finance Chair¡¤2015/04/03 - 2015/10/24

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¢£Academic Awards Received

  • Young researcher award¡¤Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly¡¤2013
  • Outstanding Young Scientist¡¤Korea Robotics Society (KROS)¡¤20141113