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Yoshifumi Oshima Research Professor
School of Materials Science、Applied Physics Area


B.S. from Tokyo University of Science(1989), M.S. from Tokyo Institute of Technology(1991), Ph.D from Tokyo Institute of Technology(2001)

■Professional Career

FUJITSU Limited(1991), Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology(1995), Part-time Lecturer at Yokohama City University(2006), Researcher at JST(2007), Part-time Lecturer at Osaka University(2010), Research Associate Professor at Osaka University(2010) ,Associate Professor at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2014)


Surface and interface physics, electro diffraction physics


◇Published Papers

  • A compositional gradient Ce1−xZrxO2 buffer architecture for producing high-performance YBCO film,L. Lei, L. Li, S. Wang, G. Zhao, J. Jia, Y. Oshima, L. Zhao, L. Jin, Y. Wang, C. Li, P. Zhang,Materials Characterization,142,383-388,2018/06/03
  • Three-dimensional lattice rotation in GaAs nanowire growth on hydrogen−silsesquioxane covered GaAs (001) using molecular beam epitaxy,D. Q. Tran, H. T. Pham, K. Higashimine, Y. Oshima and M. Akabori,Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures,99,58-62,2018/02/20
  • Preparation of biaxially textured Ce1-x(Y0.2Zr0.8)xOδ buffer layers on RABiTS NiW tapes by chemical solution deposition,L. Lei, L. Li, S. Wang, G. Zhao, Y. Oshima, Y. Ren, L. Zhao, L. Jin, Y. Wang, C. Li, P. Zhang,J. the European Ceramic Society,38,14,4694-4700,2018/06/25

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • In-situ TEM observation of Electrochemical process,Yoshifumi Oshima,Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, January 20th, 2014.,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,January 20th
  • In-situ TEM Observation: from quantized gold conductor to lithium ion battery,Y. Oshima,Laboratory for Ultrafast Microscopy and Electron Scattering (LUMES), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL),January 22th, 2014
  • Electrical and mechanical properties of ballistic gold nanocontacts measured by in-situ TEM observation,Electron Microscopy and Multiscale Modeling (EMMM), Nov. 13th, 2013, Kyoto.,Kyoto,Nov. 13th, 2013

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Japanese Microscopy Society,boardman,2000-