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マテリアル研究棟MS Building II 4F


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Ken Nagai Senior Lecturer
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area


B.S. from Kyoto University(2004), M.S. from Kyoto University(2006), Ph.D from Kyoto University(2009)

■Professional Career

JSPS Research Fellow at Kyoto University(DC1)(2006), Research Fellow at Ochanomizu University(2009), JSPS Research Fellow at Tokyo University(PD)(2011)


Biophysics,Nonequilibrium physics

■Research Keywords

Active matter


◇Published Papers

  • Lateral Tension-Induced Penetration of Particles into a Liposome,Kazuki Shigyou, Ken H. Nagai, Tsutomu Hamada,Materials,10,765,2017/7/7
  • Long-range nematic order and anomalous fluctuations in suspensions of swimming filamentous bacteria,Daiki Nishiguchi, Ken H. Nagai, Hugues Chaté, Masaki Sano,Physical Review E,95,20601(R),2017/2/7
  • Lateral diffusion of a submicron particle on a lipid bilayer membrane,Kazuki Shigyou, Ken H Nagai, and Tsutomu Hamada,Langmuir,32,13771-13777,2016/10/25

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Collective vortex formation of living things in 2D plane”,Ken H. Nagai,Current and Future Perspectives in Active Matter,2016/10/28-2016/10/29