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Tue Trong Phan Assistant Professor
School of Materials Science、Bioscience and Biotechnology Area


Bachelor of Physics from Vietnam National University(2006), Master of Physics from Vietnam National University(2008), Ph.D from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(2011)

■Professional Career

Researcher at JST-ERATO Shimoda Nano-Liquid Process Project(2011-2014)


electronic materials and devices, solution process, printed electronics, biosensor, ferroelectrics

■Research Keywords

oxide thin film transistor, solution process, ferroelectrics, low-temperature process, biosensors


◇Published Papers

  • Hybrid cluster precursors of the LaZrO insulator for transistors: lowering the processing temperature,P. Zhu, J. Li, P. T. Tue, S. Inoue, and T. Shimoda,Nature Scientific Reports,8,5934
  • High-performance oxide thin film transistor fully fabricated by a direct rheology imprinting,Phan Trong Tue, Kazuhiro Fukada, and Tatsuya Shimoda,Applied Physics Letters,111,223504,2017/11/30
  • Peptide aptamer-modified single walled carbon nanotube-basedtransistors for high-performance biosensors,Nguyen Thanh Tung, Phan Trong Tue, Truong Thi Ngoc Lien, Yasuhide Ohno, Kenzo Maehashi, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Koichi Nishigaki, Manish Biyani, Yuzuru Takamura,Scientific Reports,7,17881,2017/12/20

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Evaluation on operation of a lead-zirconium-titanate (PZT) actuator array for highly integrated biochip application,Phan Trong Tue, Reijiro Shimura, Tatsuya Shimoda, and Yuzuru Takamura,The 2017 Joint IEEE ISAF IWATMD PFM Workshop meeting,Atlanta, USA,5-9 May
  • Optimizing lead content in low temperature solution processed PZT film,Reijiro Shimura, Phan Trong Tue, Tatsuya Shimoda, and Yuzuru Takamura,The 2017 Joint IEEE ISAF IWATMD PFM Workshop meeting,Atlanta, USA,5-9 May
  • Analyzing pressure dependence of a low-temperature solution-processed PZT actuator,Reijiro Shimuda, Phan Trong Tue, Tatsuya Shimoda, and Yuzuru Takamura,2017 Joint IEEE ISAF-IWATMD-PFM Workshop meeting,Atlanta, USA,5-9 May

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Japan Society of Applied Physics,Member,2016-
  • The Society of Informatin Display,Member,2014-
  • Material Research Society,Member,2011-

■Academic Awards Received

  • Young Scientist Award,Material Research Society
  • Outstanding Poster Paper Award,The Society for Information Display (SID),2013
  • Best Student Award,JAIST