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Mizuhito Ogawa Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 1. raSAT : An SMT Solver for Polynomial Constraints Formal Methods in System Design, Springer,,Vu Xuan Tung, To Van Khanh, Mizuhito Ogawa,Formal Methods in System Design, Springer,Available online,2017/06/27
  • 2. Subtropical Satisfiability,Pascal Fontaine, Mizuhito Ogawa, Thomas Sturm, Xuan Tung Vu,FroCos 2017,Springer LNCS 10483
  • 3. A Sliding-Window Algorithm for On-The-Fly Interprocedural Program Analysis,Xin Li, Mizuhito Ogawa,19th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods,ICFEM17,Springer LNCS
  • 4. raSAT : SMT Solver for Polynomial Constraints,Vu Xuan Tung, To Van Khanh, Mizuhito Ogawa,International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning 2016 IJCAR 2016, Springer LNCS 9706,pp.228-237
  • 5. Termination and boundedness problems of well-structured pushdown systems,Suhua Lei, Xiaojuan Cai,Mizuhito Ogawa,The 10th IEEE International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering TASE 2016,pp.22-29
  • 6. Non-E-Overlapping, Weakly Shallow, and Non-Collapsing TRSs are Confluent,Masahiko Sakai,Michio Oyamaguchi,Mizuhito Ogawa,25th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE-25), Springer-Verlag Lecture notes in Artificial Intelligence,9195,111-126,2015/08/03
  • 7. Confluence of Layered Rewrite Systems Confluence of Layered Rewrite Systems,Jiaxiang Liu,Jean-Pierre Jouannaud,Mizuhito Ogawa,24th Computer Science Logic 2015 (CSL 2015) LIPICS,41,423-440,2015/09/07
  • 8. Nested Timed Automata with Frozen Clocks,Guoqiang Li,, Mizuhito Ogawa, Shoji Yuen,13th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS 2015), Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science,9268,189-205,2015/09/02
  • 9. Obfuscation code localization based on CFG generation of malware,Nguyen Minh Hai, Mizuhito Ogawa, Quan Thanh Tho The , to appear in LNCS.,8th International Symposium on Foundations and Practice of Security (FPS 2015), Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Notes,9482,229-247,2015/10/26
  • 10. Well-Structured Pushdown Systems: Case of Dense Timed Pushdown Automata,Xiaojuan Cai and Mizuhito Ogawa,Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS 2014), Springer LNCS 8475,8475,336-352,2014-5-14
  • 11. Nested Timed Automata,Guoqiang Li, Xiaojuan Cai, Mizuhito Ogawa, and Shoji Yuen,Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS 2013),Springer LNCS 8053,168-182,2013/08
  • 12. Well Structured Pushdown Systems,Xiaojuan Cai, Mizuhito Ogawa,Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2013),Springer LNCS 8052,121-136,2013/08
  • 13. A Hybrid Aproach for Control Flow Graph Construction from Binary Code,Minh Hai Nguyen, Thien Binh Nguyen, Thanh Tho Quan, and Mizuhito Ogawa,Proceedings of the 20th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2013),159-164,2013-12-4
  • 14. SMT for Polynomial Constraints on Real Numbers,To Van Khanh, Mizuhito Ogawa,Electrical Notes on Theoretical COmputer Science, Elsevier / Tools for Automatics Program Analysis (TAPAS 2012),to appear
  • 15. A Comparison of Four Association Engines in Divergent Thinking Support Systems on Wikipedia,Kobkrit Viriyayudhakorn, Susumu Kunifuji, and Mizuhito Ogawa,Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence /5th International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS 2010),6746,226-237
  • 16. Weakly-non-overlapping non-collapsing shallow term rewriting systems are confluent,Masahiko Sakai, Mizuhito Ogawa,Information Processing Letters,110,810-814,2010/09/15
  • 17. Conditional Weighted Pushdown Systems and Applications,Xin Li, Mizuhito Ogawa,ACM SIGPLAN 2010 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM10),141-150,2010/01/19
  • 18. Checking Roundoff Errors using Counterexample-Guided Narrowing,Do Thi Bich Ngoc, Mizuhito Ogawa,25th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2010),301-304,2010/09/23
  • 19. An Ahead-of-time Yet Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java,Xin Li and Mizuhito Ogawa,Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Bytecode Semantics, Verification, Analysis and Transformation (BYTECODE09), pp.87-101
  • 20. Stacking-based Context-sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java,Xin Li, Mizuhito Ogawa,Proceedings of the Haifa Verification Conference 2009 (HVC09), to appear in Springer LNCS,2009/10/20

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