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Kazuhiro Ogata Professor
School of Information Science、Intelligent Robotics Area

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  • 1. An attempt toward conjecturing lemmas with graphical animations of state machines,Kazuhiro Ogata,The Second International Lecture Series of School of Software and Microelectornics (SSM), Northwestern Polytechnic University,Xi'an, China,Sept 19-20, 2017
  • 2. A Case Study on Extracting the Characteristics of the Reachable States of a State Machine formalizing a Communication Protocol with Inductive Logic Programing,Dung Tuan Ho, Min Zhang, Kazuhiro Ogata,25th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming,京都,2015/8/20-22
  • 3. Specification and verification of a single-track railroad signaling in CafeOBJ,Takahiro Seino, Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi,200 International Technical Conference on Circuts/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC 2000)
  • 4. 代数仕様言語CafeOBJによる実時間システムの仕様記述と検証 - tmed two-process race の仕様記述と検証 -,清野貴博、緒方和博、二木厚吉,電子情報通信学会ソフトウェアサイエンス研究会(1月研究集会)
  • 5. The evaluation strategy for head normal form with and without on-demand flags,Masaki Nakamura, Kazuhiro Ogata,The 3rd International Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications (WRLA 2000)
  • 6. Operational semantics of rewriting with the on-demand evaluation strategy,Kazuhiro Ogata and Kokichi Futatsugi,2000 ACM Symposium on AComputingpplied,2000.3
  • 7. Formal verification of the {MCS} list-based queuing lock,Kazuhiro Ogata and Kokichi Futatsugi,ASIAN '99,1999.12
  • 8. Specification and verification of some classical mutual exclusion algorithms with CafeOBJ,Kazuhiro Ogata and Kokichi Futatsugi,OBJ/CafeOBJ/Maude at Formal Methods '99,1999.9
  • 9. 代数仕様言語CafeOBJによる鉄道信号システムの記述と検証,清野貴博 緒方和博 二木厚吉,FOSE '99,1999.11
  • 10. 検証を考慮した仕様記述の指針に関する研究,五百蔵重典 緒方和博 二木厚吉,電子情報通信学会技術研究報告,1999.11