学生のAbul Kalam Siddikeさんが、HSSE 2016においてBest Paper Award (Honorable Mention)を受賞

学生のAbul Kalam Siddikeさん(博士後期課程2年、知識マネジメント領域神田研究室)が、HSSE 2016においてBest Paper Award (Honorable Mention)を受賞しました。

The HSSE conference is an international conference on the Human Side of Service Engineering. The 4th conference was held at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida from 27 -31 July 2016. There were almost 77 presentations in 12 sessions including more than 150 authors from 15 countries. It was a great congregation of people from industries, academia and government. One paper was selected for the Best Paper Award and three papers were selected as the Best Paper Awards (Honorable Mention).



 Toward a Value Metrics - A Service-Dominant Logic View

 The main objective of this research is to develop a framework of value metric in the paradigm of service-dominant (SD) logic. We define value as benefits experienced by beneficiaries using providers' competences, customers' experiences, and other stakeholders' intention which alternatively considered as "service content". Based on extensive literature review, we develop a framework of value metrics where interaction, context, time, and institutional arrangements are the candidates of mediators for converting potential value into realized value. Our framework is the first attempt to develop a concrete value metrics. Finally, this paper suggests future research direction for developing and validating more concrete scales in measuring value in the view of SD logic.

 It is very pleasant to receive the best paper award (honorable mention) in the HSSE 2016 held in Orlando, Florida, USA. As a result, I would like to thank the organizers and committee members of HSSE 2016. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Youji Kohda for his kindness, willingness to help and encouraging me to work independently as well as giving me freedom to work with several collaborators all over the world. Secondly, I would like to express my deep appreciation to Prof. Kazuyoshi Hidaka from Tokyo Tech for his love, encouragement, assistance and goodwill with me. Last but not the least, I am very grateful to my family for their devotion and love.