学生のNgoさんと高橋さんがNCSP2017においてStudent Best Paper Awardsを受賞

 学生のNGO, Thuan Vanさん(博士前期課程2年)と高橋響子さん(博士前期課程1年)(ヒューマンライフデザイン領域赤木研究室)がNSCP2017(International Workshop on Nonlinear Circuits, Communications and Signal Processing)においてStudent Best Paper Awardsを受賞しました。

 Student Best Paper AwardsはNCSP2017における学生発表者(兼 第一著者)による発表論文のうち、ワークショップ委員会において特に優れた論文と認められたものに対して授与される論文賞です。

 参考 http://www.risp.jp/NCSP17/


【NGO, Thuan Vanさん】
 「Acoustical analyses of Lombard speech by different background noise levels for tendencies of intelligibility」

 This paper investigates acoustic variations for producing Lombard speech under the effect of environmental dynamics to identify adaptive tendencies of intelligibility. Analyses of acoustic features: duration, F0, formants, spectral tilts, and modulation spectrum on the dataset of speech: −∞ (neutral), 66, 72, 78, 84, and 90 dB noise level were carried out. Analysis results show that the recognized tendencies (neutral-Lombard distinction) including lengthening vowel duration, increasing F0, shifting F1 and decreasing spectral tilt (A1-A3) still preserve among Lombard speech produced in a various noise-level background. Besides, new findings are abrupt changing in F0 at 84 dB, increasing formant amplitudes, H1-H2 variation, and lifting modulation spectrum. Basing on the physiological and psychological knowledge we can reason their correlations with intelligibility. Moreover, those variations are continuously varying with noise level increasing. As a result, it can be suggested that they are related to the adaptive tendencies of intelligibility.

 It is my great pleasure and honor to receive the NCSP'S 17 paper award. Firstly, I would like to express a grateful appreciation to NCSP 2017's organizers, the Research Institute of Signal Processing Japan, who gave me an "NCSP'17 Student Paper Award." I deeply thank Prof. Masato Akagi, who supervises and gives me many instructive comments for my research and the participation of the conference. It is also to specially appreciate all members in my laboratory, especially Assistant Prof. Daisuke Morikawa, Doctor Rieko Kubo, Doctor Maori Kobayashi and Prof. Masashi Unoki for their contributions and advice in my research. This award motivates me to study harder and obtain further results.


 「Horizontal Localization of Sound Image and Source in Monaural Congenital Deafness」


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