・電子情報通信学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 須藤洸基さん(東条研)
・情報処理学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 市場友宏さん(前園研)
・映像情報メディア学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 Hasan, Md Mosaddikさん(吉高研)
・日本音響学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 NGO, Thuan Vanさん(赤木研)





【Hasan, Md Mosaddik】
I am truly honored and grateful for receiving the "Excellent Student Award" from "Image Information & Media Association, Hokuriku Branch." I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my academic supervisor Professor Atsuo Yoshitaka, for providing an opportunity to work in his group. His guideline, support, encouragement during my research work, experience, foresee-ability, patience and scientific intuition have shown me a proper direction to achieve better results and nobility in my research work. I am also thankful to the organizer, who found my work worthy of this award and acclamation. Finally, I want to thank my wife, parents, and every member of the family & friends for their continuous support and encouragements.

【NGO, Thuan Van】
I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen as an awardee of the excellent student prize from ASJ (the Acoustic society of Japan). I am profoundly thankful the society for their selection. Without the recommendation and encouragement of my supervisor - Prof. Masato Akagi in the application, I would not be selected. Therefore, it is to express my deep sense of gratitude to him. Moreover, I also would like to give special thanks to supportive educational systems of JAIST: talented lecturers, effective courses, and faculties, especially my laboratory - Akagi-Unoki Lab. Due to all of their help accompanying with my lab members' inspiration and support, I could establish a strong foundation of knowledge and research backgrounds to be qualified for the prize. This award is a motivation to foster me in achieving further fruitful results.