学生のNGO, Thuan Vanさんが日本音響学会において学生優秀発表賞を受賞

 学生のNGO, Thuan Vanさん(博士後期課程1年、ヒューマンライフデザイン領域赤木研究室)が、日本音響学会平成29年度春季研究発表会において学生優秀発表賞を受賞しました。


 参考: http://www.asj.gr.jp/recommending/index.html


 「Acoustic variation of Lombard speech produced in various noise-level environments」

 This study aims to investigate acoustic variations for producing Lombard speech under the effect of environmental dynamics. Acoustic features: duration, F0, formants, spectral tilts, and modulation spectrum were extracted from the dataset of speech: -∞ (neutral), 66, 72, 78, 84, and 90 dB (Lombard) noise level. Analysis results show the variations consisting of lengthening vowel duration, increasing and abruptly changing at 84 dB in F0, shifting F1, increasing formant amplitudes, H1-H2 variation, decreasing A1-A3, and lifting modulation spectrum. Those variations are continuously varying with noise level increasing and can be suggested to be related to intelligibility improvements.

 It is my great pleasure and honor to receive the best student presentation award in ASJ Spring meeting. Firstly, I would like to appreciate ASJ, the Acoustic Society of Japan, who gave me the "Best student presentation award". Moreover, I am deeply thankful to Prof. Masato Akagi, who supervises and gives me many instructive comments for my research and the participation of the meeting. It is also to especially thank all members in my laboratory, especially Prof. Masashi Unoki, Doctor Rieko Kubo, Doctor. Daisuke Morikawa, and Doctor Maori Kobayashi for their contributions and advice in my research and rehearsals. This award motivates me to study harder and obtain further results.