学生の小國さんが、Biyani's International Conference 2017 (BICON-2017) においてBEST ORAL PRESENTATIONを受賞

 学生の小國美貴さん(博士後期課程1年、知識マネジメント領域神田研究室)が、Biyani's International Conference 2017 (BICON-2017) においてBEST ORAL PRESENTATIONを受賞しました。

 Biyani's International Conference 2017が、2017年10月11日から13日に渡って、インドのジャイプル市のBiyani Girls Collegeで開催されました。Biyani's International Conferenceは、Biyani Groupが主催し、本学を含む日本の高等教育機関が共催する国際会議で、今回が12回目に当たります。小國美貴さんは2日目の"Positive Attitude : A shift towards a sustainable society"部門で発表を行い、BEST ORAL PRESENTATIONを受賞しました。

 参考: http://biyaniconference.com/speakers-arts-2017.html


 Some insights obtained from Fieldwork: Based on observation, listening and data collection

 There are three major problems in Japan: population decline, aging population and birthrate decline. The paper focuses on a little rural area in Japan where some town residents are now yielding a local agricultural product (Yuzu:a citron) on a small scale as an economic stimulus for the region. We have started a fieldwork ("the mini Nomadic University") over the area to figure out the current issues surrounding the farmers and town residents. The issues include how they can make sustainable production of local agricultural product and how to find their successors. After the mini Nomadic University was over, the author continued the fieldwork as a coordinator of value conflicts among the stakeholders. He has discovered that it is important to alter the expected values on all the stakeholders and this can be achieved by the intervention of a field worker who behave as a value coordinator.

 It is the first time for me to give a presentation in English. I did not expect that I would get the prize. I have many people to thank for their various support to my research.
 This surely improves own motivation to finishing research. Dhanyavaad!