学生のSHEN TaoさんがICDC2018においてTop 10% Paper Awardを受賞

 学生のSHEN Taoさん(博士後期課程1年、ヒューマンライフデザイン領域永井研究室)がICDC2018においてTop 10% Paper Awardを受賞しました。

 International Conference on Design Creativity(ICDC)は、創造性とデザイン研究の国際大会で、欧米を中心に世界のトップクラスの大学の研究者・博士課程学生及び企業の研究者が参加するThe Design Societyの公式研究会議で、隔年開催の5回目の本大会は、イギリスのバース大学を会場として開かれました。


 Effects of Unfolding Techniques as Design Stimuli in Building Design

 Through paper folding techniques, i.e. origami, people can make fascinating 3D forms from 2D sheets. Many architects utilise folding techniques in their design process as design stimuli. However, the reverse process, unfolding 3D forms, presents computational geometry problems, and there is limited research that clarifies how designers can use theses unfolding techniques. In this study, we begin by introducing a computational geometry method for generating common developments by unfolding 3D plural cuboids. Next, this paper presents the results of an experiment where extended protocol analysis methods were used to examine the effects of using the unfolding techniques as design stimuli during concept generation. The results show that the unfolding techniques promote creativity in building design and enhance participants' extension of idea space from the microscopic perspective.

 It's a great privilege to receive the Top 10% Paper Award in ICDC 2018. My deepest gratitude goes first to Professor Yukari Nagai, my supervisor, for her constant encouragement and guidance. Secondly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Design Society which is a non-profit making organization whose members share a common interest in design especially Design Creativity, Design Creativity is truly a vital and interdisciplinary academic research field that will interest and stimulate researchers of engineering design, industrial design, architecture, art, and similar areas. Finally, I hope this paper would be a good contribution to Design Creativity.

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