・電子情報通信学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 HUYNH, Phuong Duy(ゲーム・エンタテインメント領域飯田研究室
・情報処理学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 TRUONG, Minh Anh(ヒューマンライフデザイン領域吉高研究室
・映像情報メディア学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 矢野 航大(ゲーム・エンタテインメント領域・小谷研究室
・日本音響学会北陸支部優秀学生賞 髙橋 響子(ヒューマンライフデザイン領域・赤木研究室
HUANG, Jinfeng(ヒューマンライフデザイン領域・党研究室



【HUYNH, Phuong Duy】
I feel extremely honored and appreciative for receiving the "Excellent Student Award". I very special thanks to the IEICE(The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) for selecting me. Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my academic supervisor Professor Hiroyuki Iida. He supported me many things during my life as a master student in JAIST. He taught me many priceless lessons which is not only limited to research but also how to discover and enjoy the interesting things in life. I have learned many things from him and I sincerely appreciated his favor from the bottom of my heart. Finally, I must express my very profound gratitude to my parents and my family for their love and encourage whatever I pursue. Most importantly, I wish to thank my loving and supportive fiancee, Miss Yen Ngoc, who provide unending inspiration and motivation.

【TRUONG, Minh Anh】
I am truly honored and grateful for receiving the "Excellent Student Award" from "Information Processing Society of Japan, Hokuriku Branch". I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Associate Professor Atsuo Yoshitaka, my supervisor, for his patience, motivation, enthusiasm, and immense knowledge. His encouragement and guidance helped me in all the time of research. I am profoundly thankful the society for their selection.

【矢野 航大】

【髙橋 響子】

【黄 金峰(HUANG, Jinfeng)】