修了生の高橋さんが日本化学会 第98春季年会において学生講演賞を受賞

 修了生の高橋 麻里さん(平成30年3月博士後期課程修了、物質化学領域前之園研究室)が日本化学会 第98春季年会において学生講演賞を受賞しました。




 Establishment of versatile magnetic separation of organelles using magnetic-plasmonic hybrid nanoparticles

 In order to investigate proteins and lipids on certain cellular organelles, centrifugation techniques have been widely used. Unfortunately, however, heterologous organelles which are barely different in size and mass cannot be effectively separated by these centrifugation techniques. Magnetic separation has attracted attention in this regard because it can separate the target organelle selectively. Moreover, it can isolate organelles rapidly and mildly compared to conventional centrifugation-based separation techniques.
 Although several types of organelles such as endosomes, exosomes and mitochondria have been magnetically separated, the current magnetic separation technique has limitations in terms of imaging and versatility because iron oxide-based beads are mostly used as probes. In this study, we developed magnetic-plasmonic hybrid Ag@FeCo@Ag core@shell@shell nanoparticles (NPs) which are capable of plasmonic bioimaging as well as magnetic separation. To demonstrate the separation capability using the NPs, autophagosome was selected as a target organelle. The NPs were introduced into COS1 cells by transfection. Plasmonic imaging revealed the NPs were successfully incorporated in autophagosomes. Finally, the autophagosomes were separated by the help of autoMACS Pro Separator (Miltenyi Biotec). Western blot confirmed that autophagosomes were successfully isolated.