学生のDu,BoさんがThe First International Conference on Creativity and Innovation(ICCI2018)において学生部門論文賞を受賞

 学生のDu,Boさん(博士後期課程1年、ヒューマンライフデザイン領域永井研究室)がThe First International Conference on Creativity and Innovation(ICCI2018)において学生部門論文賞を受賞しました。

 ICCI2018 (40th International Conference on Creativity and Innovation)において、国際審査委員の選考により優秀と認められた論文に対して授与されました。


 Fashion Creative Practice Exploration : Multi-dimensional performance from painting to creative design

 This paper presents a creative design model using the "Items-Inheritance-Activation," creativity method, which combines the theory and practice of interactive design experience mode and discussed the problem of understanding tradition and interactive creativity.

 I am very honor to participate in the International Conference on Creativity and Innovation (ICCI) 2018 in Osaka. The presentation and publication of the conference papers condensed everyone's contribution and vision in the field of creativity. I am so happy to learn and communicate with experts who have achieved results in their respective fields, and their guidance and suggestions will accompany with my academic growth. Youth will keep energy running, learning and practicing in academic road.
Thanks JAIST, thank you my supervisor, and thanks my classmates for studying together!

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