学生の小國さんが、Biyani's International Conference 2018 (BICON-2018) においてORAL PRESENTATION 1st positionを受賞

 学生の小國 美貴さん(博士後期課程2年、知識マネジメント領域神田研究室)が、Biyani's International Conference 2018 (BICON-2018) においてORAL PRESENTATION 1st positionを受賞しました。

 Biyani's International Conference 2018が、2018年11月25日から28日に渡って、インドのジャイプル市のBiyani Girls Collegeで開催されました。Biyani's International Conferenceは、Biyani Groupが主催し、本学を含む日本の高等教育機関が共催する国際会議で、今回が13回目に当たります。小國美貴さんは3日目の"Humanities to the Rescue of Sustainability & Legal Frame work : Challenges, Issues and Perspectives"部門で発表を行い、ORAL PRESENTATION 1st positionを受賞しました。

参考: http://biyaniconference.com/Default.html


Exploring the bringing up process of successor as a regional development coordinator

This paper explores the process of promoting successors as a regional development coordinator in Japan. The target of this study is local cities, where the supporting population of regional economy has decreased drastically. The focus of this study is to show the process 'how to grow successors of regional development in business area'. The results illustrate some insights to improve the problem efficiently by providing mutual education of repetitive OJT and PDCA to the coordinator and successor. The process follows an established sustainable educational cycle that is based on some original work carried out in this study. These extracted results will help the coordinators to improve their behavior towards the regional development.

I am delighted to receive an award. It is a great pleasure for me to get the opportunity to participate in the program held in India for the second consecutive year. I am thankful to all the professors and colleagues, who helped a lot to proceed my research. This award is a big achievement that motivates me to progress my research in future.

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