【教職員の皆様へ】学長メッセージ 新型コロナウイルス感染症対策について/【To Faculty and Staff members】Message from the President




  • 1-2期については、1-1期に引き続きすべての授業をオンライン(遠隔)で実施するものとします。
  • 県境をまたぐ移動については、以下の通りとします。
    〇 学生・教職員においては、北海道、東京都、埼玉県、千葉県、神奈川県(以下「5都道県」という。)への移動は十分に検討の上、慎重に行うこと(以下、来訪者においても同様とする)。
    〇 就職活動のために、学生が5都道県へ移動する場合は、先方(会社等)からの要請があった場合のみ認めるが、必ず事前に就職支援担当部署に相談すること。
    〇 5都道県へ帰省中の学生にあっては、体温の測定などの体調管理に努めるとともに、指導教員と十分に連絡を取った上で本学に移動すること。(体調が芳しくないなどの場合には、決して無理をしないこと。)
    〇 上記5都道県以外への移動についても、移動先の感染者の発生状況、クラスターの有無、感染経路が明確か否か等を十分に考慮すること。
    〇 移動の対象となる都道府県に対する特段の制限は行わないが、移動に際しては、移動先の感染者の発生状況、クラスターの有無、感染経路が明確か否か等を十分に考慮すること。 また、本学に戻った後は、体温の測定などの体調管理に努めること。
  • 上記以外に関しては、原則として、緊急事態宣言発令以前の状況に戻しますが、現在、実施している禁止事項、自粛要請の一部は継続します(詳細は学内通知メールを確認願います)。
  • 政府による緊急事態宣言の再発令、石川県からの要請、本学で新型コロナウイルス感染症罹患者が発生した等の場合は、至急必要な処置をとりますので、ご協力願います。

 学生・教職員におかれましては、引き続きウイルスから 身体、生命を守るため、気を緩めることなく感染防止等(マスクの着用、手洗いの励行、咳エチケットの徹底、3密の回避)に努めるとともに、十分な体調管理、不要不急の外出・会合の自粛にご協力願います。


学長 寺野 稔


To Faculty and Staff members,

June 1, 2020

Message from the President

First of all, I am grateful to all your cooperation and support for prevention measures against COVID-19.
JAIST has been holding the many meetings for a measure with the executives, Deans, and the Director of Health Care Center and taken necessary procedures. With your cooperation, JAIST could make it through without getting any infected persons until today.
This worldwide novel coronavirus has not come an end, however, in Japan, the nationwide state of emergency was lifted on May 25 and the novel coronavirus in Japan have finally started to show signs of subsiding.

Here is JAIST prevention measures against COVID-19 as of June1 considering the current situation.

・online lectures in Term 1-2
・movement across prefectural borders

From June 1 to June 18
○ For students and faculty, please do consider any trip or movement to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa. When you need to go to a prefecture listed above, go with caution. (The same apply to a visitor from any of those prefectures)
○ Students have to consult the career support office of JAIST in advance about a visit to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba or Kanagawa for job hunting upon a request for the visit by a company.
○ Students those who went home in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa need o check body temperature and to manage your health condition at parents' home. Contact your supervisor plenty of times before you move.
○ When you move to a prefecture other than five prefectures mentioned above, please check the current situation (infection status, outbreak of cluster and clarification of a route of infection) in a destination prefecture and consider before you act.

After June19
○ No special restriction on movement across the prefectural borders, however, check the current situation (infection status, outbreak of cluster and clarification of a route of infection) in a destination prefecture, and consider before you move. After you return to JAIST, check your body temperature and manage your health condition.

  • measures other than above will be lifted as we used to before the state of emergency had declared in principle. Please note that a ban currently conducted and a part of self-restraint will remain effective. (For more details, confirm the campus notices and emails.)
  • in case Japanese government declares the state of emergency again, Ishikawa prefectural government makes requests or a person of JAIST is infected COVID-19, JAIST will immediately take the necessary measures.

We ask for your cooperation in preventing infection by strictly keeping the habits of wearing a mask, washing hands, practicing the cough etiquette, and avoiding "three Cs" (Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close contacts) because there are still risks of infection. In addition, we ask you to keep managing your health condition and avoiding nonessential and non-urgent outings and meetings.

As a result of this pandemic of COVID-19, we have been facing a life-threatening infectious disease, however, there are new technical innovations and new system of working style has been becoming established such as telework. In addition, Japanese government and local governments indicate "New Lifestyle".
I believe that we are in a transitional period to disseminate new style regarding to educational research and to create additional knowledge at JAIST. It will not be possible to come true without your cooperation and support. We need to work on it in union.

TERANO Minoru,
President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology