1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa, 923-1292, Japan
M3-61 room, 6th Foor, 3rd building, School of Materials Science, JAIST.
TEL: +81-761-51-1631 FAX: +81-761-51-1635 kaneko (at)


JAIST is located on a hill in the city of Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture, in the center of the Ishikawa Science Park. The campus site is particularly beautiful, overlooking nearby counties and the city of Kanazawa to the north, the Sea of Japan to the west, tree-covered hills and pasture lands in the south, and the imposing Mt. Hakusan to the east.

The area provides us with recreational activities in every season, including several nearby ski resorts, beaches and seaside parks, golf courses, hot springs and athletic and recreational parks. With a population density far below that of the Pacific side of the island of Honshu, the area affords easy access to wilderness and outdoor recreation.

Within 20km of JAIST is the city of Kanazawa, which hosts numerous cultural events all year round. As one of Japan’s few well-preserved old cities, it is often referred to as the hidden gem of Japan.

Access to JAIST

By Airplane

Tokyo-Komatsu takes 1 hour by plane. Komatsu Airport-JAIST takes 40 minutes by the Airport Limousine Bus.

By Train

Tokyo-Kanazawa by Shinkansen and limited express takes 4 hours.
Osaka-Kanazawa by limited express takes 2 hours 30 minutes.
Nagoya-Kanazawa by limited express takes 3 hours.
Kanazawa-JAIST by train and shuttle bus takes 1 hour.

This page shows the informaion in detail.

from bus stop to Kaneko lab.

  1. From bus stop, please walk toward the main street in campus and go up on the step to a fountain, and you will find the main entrance of School of Material Science on the left.
  2. Please enter the gate and go up the front step to the 2nd floor and turn right at the end of the hall.
  3. Please walk about 10 meter and turn right again at T-junction, follow the hall, and go up by the 3rd elevator (3rd build. School of Mater. Sci.) to the 6th floor.
  4. Please turn right from the elevator and soon turn left.
  5. You will find Kaneko’s room on the right at the end of the hall (M3-61).
    I will sometimes be in M3-63 (NMR room)or M3-65 (experiment room).