Programing Language A

Term Q3 (October 1-)
Time: Monday 14:45-16:15
Lecturer: Takako Nemoto
Textbook: 新・明解C言語 入門編 (柴田望洋, SB クリエイティブ, 2014 年)

Tentative schedule

Date Contents
October 1 (Mon) Guidance Slides, Handouts (updated on Oct. 2, The information on the textbook and the installation of compiler for Windows+Cygwin users is added)
October 15 (Mon) Simple program Slides
October 22 (Mon) Loop I Slides (revised)
October 30 (Tue) Loop II Slides (revised), additional material
November 5 (Mon) Decision Making Slides
November 12 (Mon) Arrays, Functions, Subroutines Arrays, Slides (revised)
November 19 (Mon) Summary of the first half Functions Slides (revised)
November 26 (Mon) Data Types Slides (revised)
December 3 (Mon) Strings Various programs Slides (revised)
December 10 (Mon) Pointers I Strings Slides
December 17 (Mon) Pointers II Pointers I Slides (revised)
January 7 (Mon) Strings and Pointers Pointers II Slides
January 16 (Wed) Structures String and Pointers Slides
January 21 File I/O Structures Slides (revised)
January 28 Summary File I/O Slides
February 4 (optinal extra class) Summary