The 7th Japan Conference on Computational Geometry and Graphs

The 7th Japan Conference on Computational Geometry and Graphs will take place in Kanazawa, Japan, during November 11-13, 2009. The conference is intended to provide a forum for researchers working in computational geometry and graph theory/algorithms. Papers presenting original research in the areas of design and analysis of algorithms, computational complexity, theory of computation, graph theory, and their applications are sought.

The previous one was held as KyotoCGGT 2007 (Kyoto International Conference on Computational Geometry and Graph Theory) in honor of Jin Akiyama and Vašek Chvátal on their 60th birthdays. This year, we would like to celebrate some researchers as 49ers, including Tetsuo Asano, on their 60th birthdays.

The group photo is here: Please click the photo to see the original larger one.
The conference is over! Thank you very much for your attendance.
The program (HTML/PDF) is little bit changed (precisely, Sessions 4B and 4C are slightly modified to avoid a conflict).
The program (HTML/PDF) is little bit changed (precisely, Session 4C and Session 7C are exchanged).
The Accomodation page is updated. (The information of hotels and conference site is added.)
The program page is much updated.
A tentative program is now available.
The deadline of early registration is postponed to September, 30. Please check the registration page.
Program page is now open. The list of accepted papers and temtative schedule is available.
Accommodation page and Location page are now open.
Registration server is now open. Note that early registration fee will be applied up to 2009/9/14 (in Japan standard time). See Registration page for more details.
Registration page is now open.
Deadline is extended to July 24, 2009. See the third call for papers.

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