Peg Solitaire Font 5x7

by Taishi Oikawa, Kazuaki Yamazaki, Tomoko Taniguchi, and Ryuhei Uehara, 2017 (presented at Bridges 2017)

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Peg solitaire is one of the most famous traditional puzzles all over the world. The actual puzzle has 33 holes and 32 pegs, and puzzle solvers have discovered a number of solutions by hand. However, with the aid of supercomputer, now it is possible to enumerate each solution for this puzzle as quick as a flash. That means that we can solve peg solitaire puzzles on a feasible form. By use of this assistance, we design a peg solitaire font.

We start with a board of size 5x7, where 34 pegs are filling its 35 holes with center vacant. We create all possible patterns from this initial state. The number of reachable patterns is 1,045,173,439. From these 1,045,173,439 reachable patterns, we design and select the peg solitaire font. Each character can be reached from the initial state. Enjoy our puzzle of this peg solitaire font for each character.

This page is created by referring the page of Mathematical and Puzzle Fonts maintained by Erik D. Demaine.