Conference Program

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Tentative Program of PAKDD 2005

Wednesday, May 18th 2005




Workshop A

Room: Ballroom 1

Knowledge Discovery and Data Management in Biomedical Science


Tutorial A

Room: Function Room 3

Tutorial B

Room: Function Room 7

Graph Mining Techniques and Their Applications

Rough Set Approach to KDD




Workshop A

Room: Ballroom 1

Workshop B

Room: Ballroom 2

Knowledge Discovery and Data Management in Biomedical Science

Rough Set Techniques in Knowledge Discovery


Tutorial C

Room: Function Room 7

Advanced Techniques for Information and Image Classification for Knowledge Management and Decision Making



Thursday, May 19th 2005






Keynote speech

Chair: Tu Bao Ho, Room: Ballroom 1

Machine Learning for Analyzing Human Brain Function

Tom Mitchell


Coffee Break


Session 1A: Novel Algorithms

Chair: Takashi Washio, Room: Ballroom 1

An Efficient Framework for Mining Flexible Constraints (R)

Arnaud Soulet, Bruno Crémilleux

Support Oriented Discovery of Generalized Disjunction-Free Representation of Frequent Patterns with Negation (R)

Marzena Kryszkiewicz, Katarzyna Cichon

Feature Selection Algorithm for Data with Both Nominal and Continuous Features

Wenyin Tang, Kezhi Mao                                                
A Two-Phase Algorithm for Fast Discovery of High Utility Itemsets (S)

Ying Liu, Wei-keng Liao, Alok Choudhary
On Multiple Query Optimization in Data Mining (S)

Marek Wojciechowski, Maciej Zakrzewicz

Session 1B: Biomedical Domains

Chair: Kenji Satou, Room: Ballroom 2

Bayesian Sequence Learning For Predicting Protein Cleavage Points (R)

Michael Mayo

A Novel Indexing Method for Efficient Sequence Matching in Large DNA Database Environment (R)

Jung-Im Won, Jee-Hee Yoon, Sanghyun Park, Sang-Wook Kim

An Automatic Unsupervised Querying Algorithm for Efficient Information Extraction in Biomedical Domain (S)

Min Song, Il-Yeol Song, Xiaohua Hu, Robert Allen

Voting Fuzzy K-NN to Predict Protein Subcellular Localization from Normalized Amino Acid Pair Compositions (S)

Thai Quang Tung, Doheon Lee, Dae-Won Kim, Jong-Tae Lim

Comparison of Tree based methods on Mammography Data (S)

Richard De Veaux, Thu Hoang

Session 1C: Text and Web Data Mining

Chair: Ee-Peng Lim, Room: Function Room 7

Subspace Clustering of Text Documents with Feature Weighting K-Means Algorithm (R)

Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, Jun Xu, Joshua Zhexue Huang                    

Mining Frequent Trees with Node-Inclusion Constraints (R)

Atsuyoshi Nakamura, Mineichi Kudo

Using Term Clustering and Supervised Term Affinity Construction o Boost Text Classification (S)

Chong Wang, Wenyuan Wang

Technology Trends Analysis from the Internet Resources (S)

Shin-ichi Kobayashi, Yasuyuki Shirai, Kazuo Hiyane, Fumihiro Kumeno,

Hiroshi Inujima, Noriyoshi Yamauchi

Dynamic Mining Hierarchical Topic from Web News Stream Data using Divisive-Agglomerative Clustering Method (S)

Jian-Wei Liu, Shou-Jian Yu, Jia-Jin Le  

Session 1D: Machine Learning Methods

Chair: Frans Coenen, Room: Function Room 3

A Framework for Incorporating Class Priors into Discriminative Classification (R)

Rong Jin, Yi Liu

Improved Bayesian Spam Filtering Based on Co-weighted Multi-area Information (R)

Raju Shrestha, Yaping Lin

Adaptive Nonlinear Auto-Associative Modeling through Manifold Learning with Applications for Character and Digit Recognition (S)

Junping Zhang, Stan Z. Li

Maximizing Tree Diversity by Building Complete-Random Decision Trees (S)

Fei Tony Liu, Kai Ming Ting, Wei Fan

Training Support Vector Machines Using Greedy Stagewise Algorithm (S)

Liefeng Bo, Ling Wang, Licheng Jiao




Invited talk

Chair: David Cheung, Room: Ballroom 1

IT development in the 21st Century and Its Implications

Unna Huh


Session 2A:Integration of Data Warehousing

Chair: Marcin Szczuka, Room: Function Room 3

ADenTS: An Adaptive Density-based Tree Structure for Approximating Aggregate Queries over Real Attributes (R)

Tianyi Wu, Jian Xu, Chen Wang, Wei Wang, Baile Shi

Frequent Itemset Mining with Parallel RDBMS (S)

Xuequn Shang, Kai-Uwe Sattler

Session 2B: Biomedical Domains

Chair: Thu Hoang, Room: Ballroom 2

A DNA Index Structure Using Frequency and Position Information of Genetic Alphabet (R)

Woo-Cheol Kim, Sanghyun Park, Jung-Im Won, Sang-Wook Kim, Jee-Hee Yoon

Conditional Random Fields for Transmembrane Helix Prediction (S)         

Lior Lukov, Sanjay Chawla, W. Bret Church

Session 2C: Temporal Data

Chair: Gerrit K. Janssens, Room: Function Room 7

A Likelihood Ratio Distance Measure for the Similarity between the Fourier Transform of Time Series (S)

Anthony Bagnall, Gareth Janacek, Michael Powell

The TIMERS II Algorithm for the Discovery of Causality (S)

Howard J. Hamilton, Kamran Karimi

A Recent-Based Dimension Reduction Technique for Time Series Data (S)      

Yanchang Zhao, Chengqi Zhang, Shichao Zhang

Session 2D: Text and Web Data Mining

Chair: Rao Kotagiri, Room: Ballroom 1

Collecting Topic-related Web Pages for Link Structure Analysis by Using a Potential Hub and Authority First Approach (S)

Leuo-hong Wang, Tong-wen Lee

A Top-down Algorithm for Mining Web Access Patterns from Web Logs (S)

Guo Jian-Kui, Ruan Bei-jun, Cheng Zun-ping, Su Fang-zhong, Wang Ya-qin, Deng Xu-bin, Shang Ning, Zhu Yang-Yong

Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Content Based Image Retrieval (S)

Guang-Ho Cha


Coffee Break


Session 3A: Theoretic Foundations

Chair: Graham Williams, Room: Ballroom 1

Data Mining of Gene Expression Microarray via Weighted Prefix Trees (R)         

Tran Trang, Nguyen Cam Chi, Hoang Ngoc Minh

A Kennel Function Method in Clustering (R)

Ling Zhang, Tao Wu, Yanping Zhang

Extraction of Frequent Few-Overlapped Monotone DNF Formulas with Depth-First Pruning (R)

Yoshikazu Shima, Kouichi Hirata, Masateru Harao

Automatic Extraction of Low Frequency Bilingual Word Paris from Parallel

Corpora with Various Languages (S)

Hiroshi Echizen-ya, Kenji Araki, Yoshio Mornouchi

Performance Measurements for Privacy Preserving Data Mining (S)

Nan Zhang,Wei Zhao, Jianer Chen

Session 3B: Classification and Ranking

Chair: Ning Zhong, Room: Ballroom 2

Threshold Tuning for Improved Classification Association Rule Mining (R)

Frans Coenen, Paul Leng, Lu Zhang

Automatic Occupation Coding with Combination of Machine Learning and Hand-Crafted Rules (R)

Kazuko Takahashi, Hiroya Takamura, Manabu Okumura

Retrieval Based on Language Model with Relative Entropy and Feedback (R)    

Hua Huo, Boqin Feng
Using Rough Set in Feature Selection and Reduction in Face Recognition Problem (S)

Le Hoai Bac, Nguyen Tuan Anh                                          

Analysis of company growth data using genetic algorithms on binary trees (S)  

Gerrit K. Janssens, Kenneth Sörensen, Arthur Limère, Koen Vanhoof

Session 3C: Clustering

Chair: Joshua Z. Huang, Room: Function Room 7

A MPAA-Based Iterative Clustering Algorithm augmented by Nearest Neighbors Search for Time-Series Data Streams (R)

Jessica Lin, Michai Vlachos, Eamonn Keogh, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Jian-Wei Liu, Shou-Jian Yu, Jia-Jin Le

A Neighborhood-Based Clustering Algorithm (R)

Shuigeng Zhou, Yue Zhao, Jihong Guan, Joshua Huang

Locating Motifs in Time-Series Data (R)

Zheng Liu, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Xuemin Lin, Hongjun Lu, Wei Wang

Stochastic local clustering for massive graphs (S)

Satu Elisa Schaeffer

Improved Self-Splitting Competitive Learning Algorithm (S)

Jun Liu, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao

Session 3D: Association Rules

Chair: Hoang Tru Cao, Room: Function Room 3

Rule Extraction from Trained Support Vector Machines (R)

Ying Zhang, HongYe Su, Tao Jia, Jian Chu

Pruning Derivative Partial Rules during Impact Rule Discovery (R)

Shiying Huang, Geoffrey I. Webb

IGB: A New Informative Generic Base of Association Rules (R)

Gh. Gasmi, S. Ben Yahia, E. Mephu Nguifo, Y. Slimani

A Divide and Conquer Approach for Deriving Partially Ordered Sub-structures (S)

Sadok Ben Yahia, Yahya Slimani, Jihen Rezgui

Automatic View Selection: An Application to Image Mining (S)

Manoranjan Dash, Deepak Kolippakkam



Friday, May 20th 05




Invited talk

Chair: Hiroshi Motoda, Room: Ballroom 1

Subgroup Discovery: Techniques and Applications

Nada Lavrac


Coffee Break


Session 4A: Machine Learning Methods

Chair: San-Yih Hwang, Room: Ballroom 1

Kernels over relational algebra structures (R)

Adam Woznica, Alexandros Kalousis, Melanie Hilario

SETRED: Self-Training with Editing (R)

Ming Li, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Cl-GBI: A Novel Approach for Extracting Typical Patterns from Graph-Structured Data (R)

Phu Chien Nguyen, Kouzou Ohara, Hiroshi Motoda, Takashi Washio

Adjusting Mixture Weights of Gaussian Mixture Model via Regularized Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (R)

Luo Si, Rong Jin

Session 4B: Association Rules

Chair: Osmar Zaiane, Room: Ballroom 2

Finding Sporadic Rules Using Apriori-Inverse (R)

Yun Sing Koh, Nathan Rountree

Pushing Tougher Constraints in Frequent Pattern Mining (R)

Francesco Bonchi, Claudio Lucchese

Mining Time-Profiled Associations: An Extended Abstract (S)

Jin Soung Yoo, Pusheng Zhang, Shashi Shekhar

Online Algorithms for Mining Inter-Stream Associations from Large Sensor Neworks(S)

K. K. Loo, Ivy Tong, Ben Kao                                            

Mining Frequent Ordered Patterns (S)

Zhi-Hong Deng, Cong-Rui Ji, Ming Zhang, and Shi-Wei Tang

Session 4C: Classification and Ranking

Chair: Martin Pfeifle, Room: Function Room 7

Text Classification for DAG-Structured Categories (R)

Cao D. Nguyen, Tran A. Dung, Tru H. Cao

Sentiment Classification using Word Sub-Sequences and Dependency Sub-Trees (R)

Shaotaro Matsumoto, Hiroya Takamura, Manabu Okumura

A New Evolutionary Neural Network Classifier (S)

Arit Thammano, Asavin Meengen

Combining Classifiers with Multi-Representation of Context in Word Sense Disambiguation (S)

Cuong Anh Le, Van Nam Huynh, Akira Shimazu  

A Privacy-Preserving Classification Mining Algorithm (S)

Weiping Ge, Wei Wang, Xiaorong Li, Baile Shi

Session 4D: High Dimensional Data

Chair: Tamas Horvath, Room: Function Room 3

Progressive Sampling for Association Rules based on Sampling Error Estimation (R)

Kun-Ta Chuang, Ming-Syan Chen, Wen-Chieh Yang

CLeVer: A Feature Subset Selection Technique for Multivariate Time Series (S)

Kiyoung Yang, Hyunjin Yoon, Cyrus Shahabi

Covariance and PCA for Categorical Variables (S)

Hirotaka Niitsuma, Takashi Okada

Feature Selection for High Dimensional Face Image Using Self-Organizing Maps (S)

Xiaoyang Tan, Songcan Chen, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Fuyan Zhang




Session 5A: Clustering

Chair: Zhi-Hua Zhou, Room: Function Room 3

Speeding-up Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering in Presence of Expensive Metrics (R)

Mirco Nanni                                                           

Dynamic Cluster Formation using Level Set Methods (R)

Andy M. Yip, Chris Ding, Tony F. Chan

An Incremental Data Stream Clustering Algorithm Based on Dense Units Detection (S)

Jing Gao, Jianzhong Li, Zhaogong Zhang, Pang-Ning Tan                   

Visual Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Clustering and Outlier Detection (S)

Lydia Boudjeloud, François Poulet

Session 5B: Spatial Data & Association Rules

Chair: Howard Hamilton, Room: Function Room 4

PatZip: Pattern-Preserved Spatial Data Compression (R)

Yu Qian, Kang Zhang, D. T. Huynh

An Efficient Compression Technique for Frequent Itemset Generation in Association Rule Mining (R)

Mafruz Zaman Ashrafi, David Taniar, Kate Smith

Mining Mobile Group Patterns: A Trajectory-based Approach (S)

San-Yih Hwang, Ying-Han Liu, Jeng-Kuen Chiu, Ee-Peng Lim

Can We Apply Projection Based Frequent Pattern Mining Paradigm to Spatial Co-location Mining? (S)

Yan Huang, Liqin Zhang, Ping Yu

Session 5C: Classification and Ranking

Chair: Arit Thammano, Room: Function Room 6

Improving Rough Classifiers Using Concept Ontology (R)

Sinh Hoa Nguyen, Hung Son Nguyen

ED: An Efficient Framework for Temporal Region Query Processing (R)  

Yi-Hong Chu, Kun-Ta Chuang, Ming-Syan Chen

Increasing Classification Accuracy by Combining Adaptive Sampling and Convex Pseudo-Data (R)

Chia Huey Ooi, Madhu Chetty

Considering Re-occurring Features in Associative Classifiers (S)

Rafal Rak, Wojciech Stach, Osmar R. ZaNıane, Maria-Luiza Antonie

Session 5D: Knowledge Management & Novel Algorithms

Chair: Marzena Kryszkiewicz, Room: Function Room 7

Using Consensus Susceptibility and Consistency Measures for Inconsistent Knowledge Management (R)

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Michal Malowiecki

WLPMiner: Weighted Frequent Pattern Mining with Length-decreasing Support Constraints (R)

Unil Yun, John J. Leggett

USAID: Unifying Signature-based and Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection (R)

Zhuowei Li, Amitabha Das, Jianying Zhou


Coffee Break


Session 6A: Temporal Data

Chair: Takehisa Yairi, Room: Function Room 3

Cyclic Pattern Kernels Revisited (R)

Tamas Horvath

Accurate Symbolization of Time Series (S)

Xinqiang Zuo, Xiaoming Jin

A Novel Bit Level Time Series Representation with Implication of Similarity Search and Clustering (S)

Chotirat Ratanamahatana, Eamonn Keogh, Anthony J. Bagnall, Stefano Lonardi

Finding temporal features of Event-oriented patterns (S)

Xingzhi Sun, Maria E. Orlowska, Xue Li

An Anomaly Detection Method for Spacecraft using Relevance Vector Learning (S)

Ryohei Fujimaki, Takehisa Yairi, Kazuo Machida

Session 6B: Dynamic Data Mining

Chair: Nguyen Hung Son, Room: Function Room 4

Improvements of IncSpan: Incremental Mining of Sequential Patterns in Large Database (R)

Son N. Nguyen, Xingzhi Sun, Maria E. Orlowska

Efficient Sampling: Application to Image Data (R)

Surong Wang, Manoranjan Dash, Liang-Tien Chia

Cluster-based Rough Set Construction (R)

Qiang Li, Bo Zhang

Session 6C: Graphic Model Discovery

Chair: Takashi Okada,Room: Function Room 6

Improving Mining Quality by Exploiting Data Dependency (R)

Fang Chu, Yizhou Wang, Carlo Zaniolo, D.Stott Parker

Learning Bayesian Networks Structures from Incomplete Data: An Efficient Approach Based on Extended Evolutionary Programming (S)

Xiaolin Li, Xiangdong He, Senmiao Yuan

Dynamic Fuzzy Clustering for Recommender Systems (S)

Sung-Hwan Min, Ingoo Han

Graph Partition Model for Robust Temporal Data Segmentation (S)

Yuan Jinhui, Zhang Bo, Lin Fuzong

Chair: Chengqi Zhang, Room: Function Room 7

A vector field visualization technique for Self-Organizing Maps (R)

Georg Pölzlbauer, Andreas Rauber, Michael Dittenbach

Visualization of Cluster Changes by Comparing Self-Organizing Maps (R)

Denny, David McG. Squire

Approximated Clustering of Distributed High-Dimensional Data (R)

Peter Kunath

Best Student Awards

The best student awards went to Adam Woznica (co-authors: Alexandros Kalousis and Melanie Hilario) for the paper titled "Kernels over relational algebra structures" , and Arnaud Soulet (co-author: Bruno Crémilleux) for the paper titled "An Efficient Framework for Mining Flexible Constraints".

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