Contributed Talks

  • Bruno Bentzen
    Cubical type theory and informal type theory
  • Stefano Berardi and Makoto Tatsuta
    Equivalence of inductive definitions and cyclic proofs under arithmetic
  • Shimpei Endo
    Spatial semantics and characterization of non-classical logics (to come)
  • Ken-Etsu Fujita
    Quantitative Analysis of Reduction Length
  • Yosuke Fukuda
    On a computational interpretation of sequent calculus for modal logic S4
  • Amar Hadzihasanovic
    Units without degeneracy, from polycategories to sequent calculi
  • Nao Hirokawa
    Termination analysis under leftmost outermost strategy
  • Takayuki Kihara
    Ordinal ranks on the Baire and non-Baire class functions
  • Daisuke Kimura and Makoto Tatsuta
    Decidability of entailments in separation logic with array and lists
  • Ansten Klev
    Eta-Equalities in Martin-Lof Type Theory
  • Taishi Kurahashi
    Normal modal logics and provability predicates
  • Tadeusz Litak
    Constructive strict implication
  • Roussanka Loukanova
    Type-theory of acyclic recursion and its calculi
  • Samuele Maschio and Maria Emilia Maietti
    A predicative variant of the Effective Topos
  • Satoru Niki
    Subminimal logics and relativistic negation
  • Yuki Nishimuta
    Relationship between Switchings and Introduction Rules of Multiplicative Connectives
  • Shohei Okisaka, Weiguang Peng, Wenjuan Li and Kazuyuki Tanaka
    The Eigen-Distribution of Weighted AND-OR Trees
  • Fabio Pasquali
    Hilbert's epsilon-operator in categorical logic
  • Arno Pauly and Hideki Tsuiki
    Computable dyadic subbases
  • Iosif Petrakis
    McShane-Whitney extensions and the Hahn-Banach theorem
  • Sam Sanders and Dag Normann
    On the mathematical and foundational significance of the uncountable
  • Katsuhiko Sano
    Strong Completeness and the Finite Model Property for Bi-Intuitionistic Stable Tense Logics
  • Masahiko Sato
    A common notation system for the lambda calculus and combinatory logic.
  • Jon Schneider and Holger Thies
    Computational complexity of time-continuous dynamical systems with noise
  • Lutz Strassburger
    On the Normalization of Combinatorial Proofs for Classical and Intuitionistic Logic
  • Nobu-Yuki Suzuki
    A remark on predicate extensions of intuitionistic logic
  • Makoto Tatsuta, Koji Nakazawa and Daisuke Kimura
    Completeness of Cyclic Proofs for Symbolic Heaps
  • Chuangjie Xu
    A univalent approach to constructive mathematics
  • Takeshi Yamazaki
    Homological algebra and reverse mathematics

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