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ISKSSProceedings of the First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research
Editors: Jifa Gu, Gerhard Chroust
ISBN 4-903092-02-X

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IFSR 2005
The New Roles of Systems Sciences For a Knowledge-based Society
Nov. 14-17, 2005

In order to promote the synergy between Knowledge Sciences and Systems Sciences the IFSR, the International Federation for Systems Research, with the support from numerous international organizations and universities are convening for this worldwide Congress in November 14-17, 2005 in Kobe, Japan.
The overall theme of the Congress is "The New Roles of Systems Science for a Knowledge-based Society", and it has been organized into 7 symposia plus a workshop and a final panel discussion:
Symposium-1: Technology Creation Based on Knowledge Science (Chair: Toshiya Kobayashi)
Symposium-2: Creation of Agent-Based Social Systems Sciences (Chair: Hiroshi Deguchi)
Symposium-3: Intelligent Information Technology and Applications (Chair: Hirotaka. Nakayama)
Symposium-4: Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems (Chair: Xijing Tang)
Symposium-5: Data/Text Mining from Large Databases (Chair: Tu Bao Ho)
Symposium-6: Vision of Knowledge Civilization (Chair: Andrzej Wierzbicki)
Symposium-7: Foundations of the Systems Sciences (Chair: Gary Metcalf)
Workshop: The New Roles of Systems Sciences for a Knowledge Society (Chair: Matjaz Mulej)
Panel Discussion: The New Roles of Systems Sciences for a Knowledge Society (Chair: Kyoichi Kijima)

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