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ISKSSInternational Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, November 2004 VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Zhongtuo Wang

A4 77 pages
ISSN 1349-7030


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Yoshiteru Nakamori and Zhichang Zhu
Exploring a Sociologist Underpinning for the i System...1

Zhongtuo Wang
Knowledge Systems Engineering: A New Discipline of Knowledge Management
and Enabling...9

Andrzej P. Wierzbicki
Knowledge Creation Theories and Rational Theory of Intuition...17

Andrzej P. Wierzbicki and Yoshiteru Nakamori
Creative Space: a Tool for Knowledge Integration...26

Marek Makowski
Model-based Problem Solving in the Knowledge Grid...33

Quan Bai and Minjie Zhang
Agent Coordination through Knowledge Management...45

Jason Jixuan Hu
Elitist Approach versus Re-inventing Approach -- Influences of System Thinking in Corporations in Last 60 Years...52

Taketoshi Yoshida, Hiroshi Horii, Masaharu Hayashi, Insoo Kweon, and
Takahisa Inuzuka

A Study of the Relations Between Soft Systems Methodology and Organizational
Knowledge Creation Theory...56

Gerald Midgley
Systems Thinking for the 21st Century...63

Gifa Gu and Xijin Tang
Wu-li Shi-li Ren-li System Approach to a Major Project on the Research of Meta-synthesis System Approach...70

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