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ISKSSInternational Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, June 2006 VOLUME3 NUMBER 2
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Zhongtuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China

A4 60 pages
ISSN 1349-7030
Price: 4200 JPY

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Stefan W. Roeder, Ulrike Rolle-Kampczyk, Olf Herbarth
Recognition in Metabonomics Using Self Organizing Maps

Tetsuo Sawaragi, Yuan Liu, Yajie Tian
Human-Machine Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Capturing Tacit Knowledge by Observing Expert's Demonstration of Load Allocation

Zhichang Zhu
Needed: Pragmatism in KM

Milan Houska, Martina Berankova
Specific Type of Knowledge Map: Mathematical Model

Shoko (Okutsu) Dauwels
Academic Technology Roadmapping: Management Meets Academic Research

Takashi Yoshinaga, Ryoko Toyama
Understanding the Organizational Concept Creation in R&D through the Six-Lenses Model

Yoshitaka Osawa, Kumiko Miyazaki
An Analysis of R&D Project Performance from Research to Commercialization Evidence from a Japanese Electric Company

Qiong Wu, Kumiko Miyazaki
Sectoral System of Innovation in China - the Case of Software Sector

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