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ISKSSInternational Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, December 2006 VOLUME3 NUMBER 4
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Zhongtuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China

A4 67 pages
ISSN 1349-7030
Price: 4200 JPY

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Kyoichi Kijima
Agent-based Systems Modeling: An Approach to Creation of Agent-based Social Sytems Sciences

Maurice Yolles and Paul Iles
The Knowledge Cybernetics of Culture: the Case of China

Haigang Song and Shuji Kondou
Regional Knowledge Creation in Cluster Promotion Organizations through Enhancing Trans-contextual Interactions

Hiroyuki Tamura and Yoshitomo Miura
Value Judgement of the Sense of Security for Nursing Care Robots Based on the Prospect Theory under Uncertainty

Tnuc D. Medeni and Laura Liu
Conceptualizing and Modeling Refraction for Knowledge and Systems Sciences

Cuangfei Yang, Kaoru Shimada, Shingo Mabu, Kotaro Hirasawa, and Jinglu Hu
Mining Generalized Association Rules with Ontology Using Genetic Network Programming

Wen Zhang, Xijin Tang, and Taketoshi Yoshida
Web Text Mining on A Scientific Forum

W. Purwasih, M. Makowski, Y.Nakamori, and T. Yoshida
Documenting a Model Structure by Diagram

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