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ISKSSInternational Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, March 2007 VOLUME4 NUMBER 1
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Zhongtuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China

A4 55 pages
ISSN 1349-7030
Price: 4200 JPY

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Rajesh K. Pillania
Global Competitiveness in Knowledge Economy: Where Does India Stand?

Feifei Li, Zhen Wang, Peng Zhang, and Pengwei Zhao
Adapting the Lessons Learned Process to a Knowledge Creating Model in a Company

Tomoko Kikuchi, Lili Rong, Zhongtuo Wang, Andrzej P. Wierzbicki, and Yoshiteru Nakamori
Evaluation of Research Capabilities and Environments in Academia Based on a Knowledge Creation Model

Tieju Ma and Yoshiteru Nakamori
Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation on Network Externality and Knowledge Strategy

Mina Ryoke, Yukihiro Yamashita, Kiichiro Hori, and Yoshiteru Nakamori
Knowledge Discovery of Interview Survey on Fresh Food Management

Xuan-Hieu Phan, Le-Minh Nguyen, and Yasushi Inoguchi
Co-Training of Conditional Random Fields for Segmenting Sequence Data

Rong Du, Shizhong Ai and Ning Hu
Interpersonal Trust and Its Impacts on Knowledge Transfer within Alliances

Ning Zhang, Hengshan Wang, Hongan Che
The Study of China Education Network

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